Joe & Natasha Butcher Joe & Natasha Butcher Our New Hives! It is Feb 6th 2014 and we just received our new hives and equipment from Walter "T" Kelly. Our cat Bobby has decided to help us by holding down the boxes. So nice of him. 189235267 Our New Hives Unboxed! It is Feb 7th and we just unboxed our new hives! Wow, it felt like Christmas. All the paper you see to the side is from the packing. The Walter "T" Kelly Company where we purchased our hives from, did a great job packing the shipment to prevent damage. My wife Natasha and Bobby the cat proudly posing with the new hives! 189270379 Primering The Hives! It is Feb. 8th and we are in the process of preparing the hives for painting. Doing so by first putting on a high quality primer and being careful to primer only the outside and edges of the hive. We have been told by the experienced folks not to paint the inside of the hive. Also get really good coverage around the joints. You do not want moisture to get in these areas and destroy your investment. 189336927